About Us

David Manger

B.S. Bioengineering and Environmental Studies.
Permaculture Design Certificate, 2015

Charleston Master Naturalist
Clemson Certified Rain Garden Installer

As an Eagle Scout, outdoor adventures and weekend camping trips constituted the majority of my childhood free time. During my years of scouting, I found a special bond with animals and nature and focused on activities that opened up the curious world of the natural sciences. One summer, I started doing some yard work for a retired botany professor and in her lush gardens I learned the names of her odd plants and how each contributed to a bigger community. In college, I pursued bioengineering where I learned about the complexity of living systems, the beauty of animal and plant physiology, and the ugliness of environmental carelessness. After graduating, I filled up a backpack and hit the dirt to through-hike the Appalachian Trail. 2,200 miles and six months later, I popped out of the trees with a clear head, strong legs, and even deeper inter-connections with nature. Now, my goal is to bring people closer to fulfilling wonders of nature!

In addition to the nursery, we also operate a sustainable landscaping company, Living Landscapes of Charleston, specializing in edible/native gardens, building the health of soils, and creating functional ecosystems around homes and gardens.

Kevin Byrley

Landscaping Team Leader

I attribute my love for native plants to the beautiful Appalachian Mountains where I was born and raised. I spent most of my free time as a child hiking, biking, and swimming in the woods near Asheville, NC surrounded by an abundance of biodiversity. After graduating from Appalachian State studying to become an interpretive park ranger, I decided it was time for a change of scenery. I moved to Charleston in 2016 and fell in love with the tropical environment. Working with Living Landscapes and Roots and Shoots Nursery gives me an opportunity to help create healthy yards with like minded gardeners and support Charleston's unique plants and animals. ​


Rachel Carey
Nursery Co-Manager

Convinced by a friend to take a botany class in college, I ended up loving it! I had already enjoyed hiking and it just became more fun knowing anecdotes about the plant friends I was passing. I kept up with that interest, however it wasn’t until years later I met a mentor who is very adamant about invasive plant control and has made me realize the detriment exotic plants can have on our special ecosystems.  From that point on I became very appreciative of native plants. There's so much variety here in the southeast! Come by the nursery and we can teach each other things.