Living Landscapes of Charleston

At Living Landscapes, we provide design, plant installation, and routine yard maintenance. Our sustainable landscaping services are rooted in permaculture and native design. We make yards beautiful while also meeting the needs of our natural world. We specialize in native gardens, edible landscapes, and pollinator-friendly designs.

Eco-Friendly Maintenance

We're proud to offer sustainable landscaping services using all-electric tools and equipment. Our battery-powered gear is significantly quieter and much kinder to the environment than traditional gas-powered equipment. 

Plant Installations

From full yard transformations to garden beds and window boxes, we create beautiful landscapes from the soil up. We provide fertilizer, soil amendment, mulch/pine straw, and drip irrigation as needed.


In addition to designing a beautifully natural space, we create outdoor areas that work with all lifestyles and compliment a wide variety of styles and plant preferences.