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Plant Availability

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Giant Spreadsheet of Plant Notes

Giant Spreadsheet of Plant Notes (pdf download)

Disclaimer: We have put many hours into our giant spreadsheet but it will always be a never ending project about the plants we sell. It contains all sorts of info a gardener may want to know like size, bloom color/time, sun and water requirements, deer resistance, salt tolerance, and other interesting notes... It's bulky but we find our all-in-one reference very helpful and hope you do to.   We aim for accuracy but living things can vary ALOT so features like height, bloom time, and deer resistance will change with environment and genetics.  It's always best to use multiple resources to learn but more importantly have fun and experiment in your garden.

We're located in Charleston, SC (zone 8b) and always research plants to make sure they'll grow in our area before adding to our availability.  Listed plants are only species we've grown or sold.  

P.S. If you really like our spreadsheet and find it useful, we're always very grateful to learn about any corrections you feel may be needed. Thanks!